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    Goshenvilla Mall is an online marketplace founded in 2018, providing localized products home and Abroad. This platform lets buyers and sellers meet to make deals on new and used Fashion items, Mobile phones, Wedding jewelry, Beauty products and home appliances ETC.

         Goshenvilla Mall is the trading name of Goshenvilla Limited. We strive to give our customers that unique shopping experience that you would ordinarily enjoy when you go to the Physical mall. The best thing about Goshenvilla is that you do not need to move an inch or stress yourself. You can right now from your home or office PC, Internet enabled Mobile phone or Live chat make your orders and get more for less time spent and NO STRESS.

All products on Goshenvilla are manufactured by best known companies in the world. As an indigenous company, we don’t just sell products, we provide first class after sales support that is comparable to international market standard.

         We  want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a pleasant shopping with us and always in the near future. Thank you for choosing Goshenvilla Mall Support Team

Goshenvilla MALL - CEO

My name is Michael Ndubusi Odu. I’m the CEO and founder of the fastest growing online shopping company in Nigerian. Shop all what you LOVE on Goshenvilla MALL